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America’s invasion of Iraq had not resulted in any positive effects, changes or achievements for either Iraq or America

It has been over a decade when American troops had invaded Iraq with the intention of toppling Dictator Saddam Hussain. Well, the Americans did that, but what after that, the war kept continuing. Under President George W. Bush the war had started with an intention of freeing the Iraqis from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussain and to change the conditions of the people, so they can live in peace.

Peace has been something that has been lost in Iraq, in fact the war had caused such disturbances and disorganisations in the government system that the people had to turn towards their tribal identities, identities that had been the reason of war since the very beginning itself. The war had failed on the grounds of modernising or developing Iraq and to worsen the effect to some extent have damaged the American image around the Arab world. So, in other words ten years of war had been a result of destruction and fall for both the countries. Kiran Kidwai – international Desk, NMTV


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