utsav-chowkKharghar node is known for its lush and green beauty, hilly terrains and mountains. One of the symbolic structures of the node is the tall and majestic Utsav Chowk. With greenery surrounding this chowk, it has become a favorite spot for children and elders who come here to relax, play and have fun. Jan Cabral brings to us an evening at Kharghar’s Utsav Chowk with this report. With most parts of Navi Mumbai like Vashi, Nerul, CBD and Panvel slowly and steadily becoming concrete jungles, the development of Khaghar by CIDCO was a welcome sign for Navi Mumbaikars. CIDCO developed the node in a systematic and well planned manner and gave the city some of the best and iconic structures along with first class amenities like the Central Park, Utsav Chowk, Golf Course and others. One of the spots that residents are terming as any dreamer’s haven in Kharghar is Utsav Chowk. Kharghar’s Utsav Chowk is one of the vivid and colorful sites that anyone would have ever seen. One can see big and wide roads and clean and clear footpaths here. When one enters Kharghar, the tall and majestic structure of the node, Utsav Chowk welcomes them. The iconic structure of this node, the Utsav Chowk looms large and tall surrounded with lush grass and trees. The place has become a favorite spot for elders and children alike. Elders come here with their children or grandchildren to sit here and relax in the cool breeze. It’s a fun filled and relaxed atmosphere around Utsav Chowk as while children are busy playing adults are relaxing. Children ride around with their turbo cycle, some play football and cricket and some even learn skating. The visitors say that the place is peaceful and helps them to relax the mind after a stressful day at work. Even though Kharghar has a lot of high rises, the surrounding natural beauty and CIDCO made architectural structures give the perfect blend to make Kharghar – the cultural capital of Navi Mumbai. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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