The residents of Parsiwada, Andheri are inconvenienced due to the crematorium situated in their area due to the smoke released during the rituals of the dead. While the residents have submitted a letter concerning their problem, BMC is yet to respond to their concerns. The crematorium situated at Parsiwada in Andheri is surrounded with buildings and other dwellings. Whenever the last rites are performed in the crematorium, the entire area is engulfed with the smoke released. In fact it is also alleged that the bodies of small children buried in the crematorium are later dug out by the stray dogs. These have become a cause of concern and distress for the residents living here. The residents have time and again filed their concerns with BMC where the latter and even assured the construction of an electronic crematorium which is applied through an eco-friendly system. While BMC failed to keep up its promise, MLA Kripa Shankar took up the issue and met with BMC Commissioner Jairaj Pathak for immediate solutions. The residents had gone on a strike to press their demands but after rece

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