aniket-artIn our special report today, meet artist Aniket Khupse. A resident of Khaghar, Aniket talks about his narrative art and his shows at Jehangir Art Gallery Titled “Dream Twist and reality “. When paintings make you think, when paintings tell a story and give a message, its got to be Narrative art as Art has many forms. Aniket Khupse’s narrative art has colours which are so vivid that one seem to be stuck with the painting unable to avert the eyes. An artist from Kharghar, for Aniket art began right from the school days. He was interested in drawing and his school drawing teacher helped him to become a good artist. He did his BFA from JJ School of Art where he learnt about different forms of art. It is here that he started having a keen interest narrative art. Through this art he likes to tell a story. If one looks at his paintings each painting has a story and a message. He recently had a exhibition at Jehangir Art gallery with a theme “Dream Twist and reality ” which was a solo show. His Narrative art spoke about dreams and reality. As an artist, Aniket expressed the need of having an art gallery in Navi Mumbai itself so that aspiring artists can showcase their talent. He said that to be a good artist one needs to practice sketching daily to improve. With cameraman Raju Sharma Jan Cabral for NMTV News.


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