bus-acci-4In a shocking incident, DPS School and Seventh Day Adventist School bus went head on at Palm Beach Road in the early morning hours. Nine students and two teachers were injured in the accident. After the Panvel incident, this bus accident has once again thrown light on the negligent attitude of bus contractors. One of the buses was that of the infamous bus contractor Congress corporator Santosh Shetty. Early in the morning at 7.30 am, the school bus of DPS and Seventh Day Adventist school crashed into each other at the Palm Beach Road. Looking at the condition of the bus, one can understand how serious an accident it was. In this accident, 11 students and two teachers were injured who were immediately taken to MGM hospital in Vashi. The moment the news was flashed, parents rushed to the site and the hospital. Immediately post the accident, police arrived on the site where the police arrested one of the drivers and cleaners of the bus. Bus contractors are evidently in the line of fire every since the Panvel Bus tragedy which exposed the violations of rules and regulations by them. At that time too one contractor to be hit hard was the NMMC Congress Corporator Santosh Shetty. Even this time, one of the contractors of the bus is Santosh Shetty. Santosh Shetty owns more than 100 buses, many of which have gone for scrap. It has been alleged that there is neither proper maintenance of his buses nor do they have trained drivers. However, having political influence, he has been able to pressurize the administration and continue business, violating norms. Refuting all allegations, Congress corporator Santosh Shetty tossed the blame on the other bus contractor. He gallantly stated that accidents keep happening on this road which is a tragedy. He said that his buses have been following all the rules given by RTO. One of the parents whose child was critically injured and is admitted in the MGM hospital made some startling allegations that the Principal of DPS School, P C Chabra was working in nexus with local coporator Santosh Shetty who allegedly was getting second hand buses from Mumbai. The parents are now demanding that the Congress Corporator Santosh Shetty and the DPS Principal Chabra be made accountable and strict action taken. The most unfortunate side to all this is that it took the accidents of a few innocent children and trauma of their parents for authorities to wake up from the deep slumber and take action against the bus contractors mafia in the city. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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