IDBI-TowerClose to the Videocon and Avinash Bhosale five star hotel scam, another CIDCO scam has come to light in Nerul. In comparison to other scams, the magnitude of this one is limited to one housing society plot but the fact that the role of reputed international banking group IDBI and MNS Navi Mumbai leader Rajendra Pappu Mahale has surfaced in the scam has brought it into focus. This is Plot No. 11 in Sector 42 A, Nerul – the new address of a CIDCO scam. Allotted to IDBI Bank under the category of a housing society plot, the bank could only construct staff quarters here. For which the bank was suppose to first make a housing society in the name of “Palm Towers Co-op Hsg. Soc.” and this society could only comprise of members working with IDBI. The builder for the project was Trimurti Builders and Developers belonging to MNS Navi Mumbai leader Rajendra Pappu Mahale and Dhanraj Mahale. It was after a dispute between the bank and the builder that the scam has been unearthed and it has come to light that allegedly the bank made 33 fake members while the builder Rajendra Pappu Mahale not only allegedly allotted flats to his relatives but also constructed 40 illegal shops in the building and sold them to innocent buyers. When the scam came to light, panicky buyers approached CIDCO and asked them to take action against the bank for the alleged fraud affidavits and the builder for illegal construction. However due to obvious political pressure, CIDCO did not act on the complaints of the buyers. The buyers then filed a complaint with the NRI police. When the police did not take action, one of the buyers Sunil Mahajan filed a criminal complaint in court. The advocate informed that it was due to the builders and members dispute that the buyers were suffering. Sunil Mahajan is one of the many buyers who does not work in IDBI but was still sold a flat in the project. When NMTV News contacted IDBI bank, the Chief General Manager K D Hodavdekar met us at the IDBI HQ in Cuffe Parade. He refused to speak on camera but gave us documents that exposed the alleged illegal sale of illegal shops made by Pappu Mahale to buyers. The banker also gave us documents that proved that many flats were indeed sold by Pappu Mahale to his relatives and family members in the project despite the fact that the flats could only be sold IDBI employee. One such documents shows sale of property to Mahale’s sister Balika Ahire. IDBI claimed innocence on the 33 illegal affidavits stating that they did not have to give CIDCO any affidavit and that all flats from their end were sold only to IDBI employees. A board outside the plot reads the same. After this we met MNS Navi Mumbai leader Rajendra Pappu Mahale alleged that the bank has made some unjustified demands from them and when Mahale did not conceded, IDBI terminated the contract with his builder group. When we questioned how he constructed shops in a residential plot, he only had a lame justification that they had applied for change of use, however this has not been approved by CIDCO and NMMC yet. He says that he sold the allegedly illegal shops within the frame of the law. We also questioned him about selling flats at cheap rates to his family members, to which Mahale stated that his family has money and can buy property anywhere. In fact Mahale terms the allegations by IDBI an outcome of jealousy. While many believe that the scam is bringing MNS leadership in Navi Mumbai under negative light, Mahale however says that it does not. There is no denying that this scam is an outcome of a ring that starts from CIDCO, the bank, the builder and even the registrar’s office that did not verify the credentials of the fake members. Had it not been for the dispute between Mahale and IDBI, this would have been another scam that would have perhaps remained under the grave forever. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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