seawoods-2Navi Mumbai as a city is blessed with a vast coastal belt. The city has a picturesique beauty by way of natural greenery, hilly mountains and water bodies. One such natural water body is existent near the Seawood Estate NRI Complex but off late there has been continuous attempts of filling this water body to give way to another plot. Overlooking all global warming and climate change threats, residents allegte that yet another water body is being exploited for commercial benefits. Rains in November is a sign of climate change that is happening everyday due to global warming effects. And being a coastal city, Navi Mumbai as a city will always be the first victim of global warming but none of this matters to CIDCO. What else can explain how the landlords are allegedly covering yet another pond with debris to give way to a plot that can be commercially exploited. Residents of Navi Mumbai, living in this city for years would know that there was a time when the NRI complex at Seawoods was surrounded with greenery and open spaces. The Seawoods station was surrounded by a natural water body and the Panvel Creek. Slowly and steadily construction work was carried here and tall buildings were erected in and around the area. The latest target is the water body next to Seawoods Estate NRI Complex. Numerous complaints of residents have fallen on deaf ears in CIDCO who allegedly are illegally carrying out this activity. The residents informed that while the water body is close to 30-40 acres of land, CIDCO says that it is a mere depression in the ground. One of the residents also pointed out that the foundation of the new building that would come up would be questionable as it would be built on backwaters and marshy land such as this one. Other residents said that the beauty of the place would be destroyed if even this open space would be covered up and appealed that the space should be utilized for recreational purpose. The natural beauty is so overwhelming that it can make anyone fall into love with. Migratory birds make the scenery still more dazzling. And these open spaces and water bodies are very significant to tackle global warming effects and climate change. But none of this matters to the city makers. Like is being witnessed in other nodes in Navi Mumbai, even this water body of the city is going to be massacred for commercial benefit of the land mafia allegedly in connivance with CIDCO. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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