The Anti Corruption Bureau, under the state wide Dakshata Saptaah, conducted a seminar at Nerul where top ACB, police, NMMC and other government officials were present to speak on curbing corruption and the role of public to achieve this. Several key issues were touched upon by the dignitaries. ACB IG Hemant Karkare, NMMC Commissioner Madhukar Kokate, Police Commissioner Ramrao Wagh and Shrikant Tadwade of the Thane ACB were the speakers for the seminar. Students of the college and citizens attended the seminar. Addressing the audience Shrikant Tadwade said that corruption has become a major obstacle in the progress of the nation. he said that the politicians of the nation are responsible for corruption spreading its roots in the entire system of the nation. Commissioner Madhukar Kokate said that there is a need to change the mindset of citizens while Commissioner Ramrao Wagh explicated how corruption affects the security of the nation. ACB IG Hemant Karkare said that the citizens played a major role and that it is due to their attitude of paying bribe for getting work done that encourages the taker to collect it. He appealed that the citizens should coordinate with the ACB to curb corruption. On behalf of the ACB, he assured that any compliant would be dealt with effectively. Navi Mumbai News also quested whether the posting of police officials in the ACB and vice versa discourages the citizens and the trust that one needs to build with the bureau cannot develop. Accepting that these were significant suggestions made by Navi Mumbai News, the IG assured that he would propose the same to the Government of India. Navi Mumbai News also shared a few words with the other dignitaries here.

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