g-hordings-1Mumbai Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul had blamed the State Environment Ministry’s delay in approving the Kanjurmarg Dumping Ground for the misery of Thane residents due to the dumping ground in Mulund. Her statement gave the Sena what it needed – a chance to attack State Environment Minister and Senior NCP Leader Ganesh Naik. The situation raised political temperatures in Thane. It may be recalled that during her visit to the Mulund Dumping, Mumbai Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul said that they would scientifically close the Mulund dumping ground the moment they get the approval for the Kanjurmarg dumping ground that has been pending with the State Environment Ministry for some time now. Her statement gave the Sena every reason to attack State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik. The Sainiks put up hoardings and banners in Thane hinting at the failure of the State Environment Minister to resolve the issue that is becoming grave by the day. However NCP filed a complaint with the police who brought down the hoardings fearing political clashes. This led to Shiv Sainiks led by MP Anand Paranjpe, MLA Eknath Shinde and others raising protest. As the elections fever is gripping the state, the political tensions in Thane seem to be mounting with all political parties ensuring that they en-cash on every opportunity to show the rival party down. Monika Bhosale – NMTV News.

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