apmc-4Having a fixed cash deposit of 25 crore and of the biggest Bazaar of the 295 markets in the state, the APMC Director Mandal would holds its election on October 31. With a revenue of Rs 5000 daily, the five markets elections coming under APMC are being eyed by all political parties. Asia’s biggest agricultural produce market, the APMC’s Director Mandal time period had ended in December 2006. While further elections were to be held, the issue of bogus voting was raised by vendors who had even filed a PIL in High Court demanding the cancellation of the bogus voter’s registration. The hearing was pending in the court because of which the elections were then stalled and the present Director Mandal was ordered to continue term till a new committee was appointed. Apart from this, the Mandal’s Chairman Dwarka Prasad Kankani put down his resignation which further more delayed the process. Some of the merchants also suggested that if the term of the existing mandal is not being increased then atleast a government committee should be formed and hence a PIL was once again submitted in the High Court which was given a nod by the latter. APMC has a total of 25 representatives in the Director Mandal which includes 12 farmers of the state revenue department, 5 merchants from the five markets of APMC, one from the scheduled caste, one from the MCGM or NMMC and. The committee gets around Rs 55 crores of earning from the daily business. At present, the NCP party has hold over the APMC Committee. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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