apmc1Traders at APMC grain market have raised concerns over water logging problems to occur once again this year. This is because the level of road being concretized outside APMC market 2, by NMMC is higher as compared to the market due to which the chances of water logging are higher this year. The grain market of APMC is the biggest market across Asia with a stock of 500 crore of goods and approximately 700 galas. Flooding is always a problem for the market. This year too the traders suspect that water might get accumulated in the market premises due to the road construction work that is being carried out by the NMMC in the vicinity of the APMC market, Mathadi and GROMA building. The concretization work has raised the level of roads to much higher extent. Because of the raised level of roads, the traders fear that during monsoons, rain water may enter into the market area, which will damage the goods lying in the go-downs. According to merchants, when they raised there concerns with the NMMC Engineering Dept. they were assured that the dept had studied the water logging concerns prior to concretization work and have taken care of it. Even though NMMC has assured of zero water logging this year at the grain market, the assurance will be proved only when the first shower of monsoons hit the city. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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