apmc-merchants-2The APMC Vigilance Committee of Onion Potato Market has caught trucks reaching the Borivali market illegally. They allege that due to the negligence of the APMC administration the traders at APMC have to face huge losses, as 60% of the goods do not reach the APMC. Established in 1977, the APMC market shifted its base to Navi Mumbai in 1981. When the state imposed cess on the APMC here, it was with the guarantee that farmers of 10 villages under the jurisdiction of BMC, Thane and Raigad will supply their yield only to the APMC market in Navi Mumbai. However, today illegally the trucks loaded with onion and potato reach the Borivali market. This has caused huge losses to the merchants at the APMC. Even the Mathadis are suffering due to this. The merchants at APMC allege that this is done by some vested interests in the APMC administration and others. When all their complaints fell on deaf ears, the merchants took out a morcha against the administration. The morcha was led by the chairman of the committee Dwarkaprasad Kakani along with MLA Shashikant Shinde. The delegation met APMC Secretary Y D Khavle. Key decisions was taken during the meet here, which included banning the trucks illegally reaching Borivali market for 90 days, deputing officials at the toll collection center and forming an action committee that will monitor the execution of decisions taken. Navi Mumbai News then met the APMC Secretary Y D Khavle who accepted that somewhere they were responsible for the losses faced by the merchants. Though considered the biggest market of Asia, it is unfortunate that somewhere down the line, the APMC administration and committee member’s compromise on their duties, resulting in the APMC market making headlines for the wrong reasons, more often than not.

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