apmc-5The fears of APMC merchants are increasing with the nearing of monsoons. Where the APMC secretary is claiming that the gutters would be cleaned before May 31, the merchants think otherwise. The APMC market is one of the crucial places associated wit5h citizens in Navi Mumbai and neighboring cities. And that is why the merchants at APMC are fearing more than business loss as monsoon approaches closer. They say that the gutters along the fruit markets have been taken very lightly by the APMC administration. Justifying their allegations they say that this is because the tenders for pre-monsoon work and cleaning of gutters were issued very late. On the other hand , the APMC administration is making contradictory claims. Ot surprisingly, it voiced satisfaction about their pre-monsoon cleaning work and say that come what may by May 31 all pre-monsoon work will be completed. But merchants say that all these claims are hollow and completely untrue as only magic can complete pre-monsoon work in a days time. And if one takes a look around at the gutters and drains around the APMC market there is little doubt that indeed the merchants’ fears have reason. Monsoons however, will give the final judgment. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.


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