A raid was carried out by the Food and Drug Administration at APMC foodgrain market which led to agitation amongst the APMC vendors. The department is in the process of taking action against on the vendors carrying out businesses without license. The Food and Drug Administration has been carrying out raids one of which was at the APMC foodgrain market. Galas and foodgrains were sized of vendors who did not have the license to carry out their business here. The vendors caught would be facing a strict punishment of life sentence. Agitated vendors gheraoed the FDA officer on site M Y Shinde. It was only after the arrival of the police on site that the crowd was able to be controlled. There are around 4500 vendors located at APMC market and only 125 vendors have the license to work there. The agitated vendors have stated that if FDA continues to carry out such raids, then would take to streets with their protest. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai News.


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