Are CIDCO employees pinning their hopes on thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik to protest high handedness of CIDCO Directors?

Often one hears how directors on CIDCO board pressurize officials and management to get their work done or impose their say on the functioning of the board. These allegations have now come out in the open the CIDCO employees union recently gheroed their managing director tanaji satre to protest the high handedness of CIDCO directors and the md after hearing the union, issued a fatwa.

CIDCO’s board of directors and the functioning of the board have been most controversial in recent times. Often one hears how certain directors of the board resort to pressure tactics and other methods to impose their say or demands on the board. These allegations have now come out in the open as the CIDCO employees union itself has exposed the high handedness of CIDCO directors. According to them, CIDCO directors who are not a part of the inside management reprimand CIDCO officials, call them in their cabins with important 12.5% pap plots files and files of other important tenders and plots allotments. And the CIDCO officials have no choice but to do as the CIDCO directors demand. This has been going on for almost a year now but all hell broke lose after the last meeting of the board. According to highly placed sources, two issues caused a lot of tension between the CIDCO directors and officials and management. The first one was a proposal to cancel the kharghar hills project. The managing director had tabled the proposal for cancellation based on rules and regulations but one CIDCO director was objecting to the proposal.

Another subject of debate happened to be the controversial iraisaa project being built by the bhumiraj group at the foot of parsik hills. According to reports there is a high court stay barring CIDCO to not hand over the plots at parsik hills to bhumiraj group. This is the reason why the CIDCO management has not been tabling any proposal in this regard for the board’s approval. But a few CIDCO directors for their vested intesrests raised the issue and demanded that a proposal to hand over the plots to bhumiraj group be tabled for approval of directors. Post the meeting; there are reports that CIDCO directors again came down heavily on senior CIDCO officials. It was after this that the employees union gheraod the managing director tanaji satre protesting the high handedness of CIDCO directors. Tanaji satre heard the complaints of the union and since reportedly agreed that their was logic to their protest. Nilesh tandel says that they were successful in ensuring that the managing director took out a circular ordering that no CIDCO official will now go to the cabin of CIDCO directors nor will they show CIDCO directors any files anymore.

According to sources, besides this fatwa, the managing director tanaji satre is also going to take the complaints and concerns of CIDCO employees to the chief minister prithviraj chavan headed urban development dept. Nilesh tandel says that there is a need to regulate the high handedness of CIDCO directors. It is also being said that due to the face off between CIDCO employees and CIDCO directors, for the first time in recent years, state excise and thane guardian minister Ganesh Naik was invited as the chief guest by CIDCO employees union on their 40th anniversary celebrations. During the event, the CIDCO employees hinted at the high handedness of CIDCO directors and appealed to Ganesh Naik that they want a representative of the union to be appointed as director on CIDCO board.

And in response, thane guardian minister Ganesh Naik assured the employees that he would keep their say in the cabinet meeting. Nilesh tandel says that unlike mhada, in CIDCO there is a lot of political interference that is why they approached the thane guardian minister Ganesh Naik to intervene. Speaking of the assurance given by guardian minister Ganesh Naik, nilesh tandel says that they are hoepfel of getting a government approval to put a employees representative on the CIDCO board. By inviting Ganesh Naik and making this demand, the employees reportedly wanted to send a message to the CIDCO directors that the employees will fight against the high handedness of CIDCO directors.

Never in CIDCO’s history so many scams have been reported as the number of scams in the last one year. CIDCO scams were a major source of embarrassment for the congress led df government in recent state assemblies and due to this chief minister prithviraj chavan has ordered enquiry on most decision taken by the CIDCO board of directors in the last one year. Sources allege that most of these controversial plot allotments were done at the behest of CIDCO directors. Employees are angry because when scams are exposed then officials come in the firing line but CIDCO directors always manage to go scot-free. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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