school-parentsOff late there have been many parents’ protests against fee hike in schools. But the most disturbing colors of these protests have been that they look politically instigated to a large extent and in some there also have been use of such language and behavior, that it compels one to question, “Are parents protests against school fee hikes politically influenced and setting wrong examples of culture and value in a civilized society?” These are the parents of Bal Bharti School, Kharghar gathered at the school campus to protest the fee hike done by the school. The protest was headed by local political leader of Kharghar. It’s not even been a month to that protest and now parents of the same school are justifying the fee hike stating that since Bal Bharti School is a CBSE School where 6th Pay Commission has been implemented, the school has no option but to increase fees. The Principal of the School Sudhi Mattoo says that she has stopped expansion and renovation works of the school so that the quality of education being imparted is maintained. This is an example of how differences between parents and school management over fee hikes aren’t anything new. It always protested and resolved in due course of time. But off late in all the protests against schools in Navi Mumbai, there is all together a different culture in parents protest that is surfacing, which might just be setting the wrong examples of culture and value in a civilized society. This is because the protest rallies are often politically motivated and even registers parents speaking abusive and offensive style with the teachers and school management. She feels that parents should have approached her first rather than politicians. Educationists strongly believe that such incidents are setting the wrong precedents. He goes on to explain that to give the best of facilities to students, the schools have to turn to parents and students support. Parents and teachers of Bal Bharti School at Kharghar agree that the abusive and offensive style of protesting has an undesirable impact on young minds. Endorsing the opinion of parents and teachers, the Chairman of the Maharashtra State HSC Board too reflects upon the adverse impact such protests have on the minds of students. It is rather unfortunate that in a country known world over for Gandhian thoughts of non-violence, love and peace – parents are protesting against the temples of knowledge in offensive and abusive style destroying the very foundations of moral and value-building days for young minds. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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