ulweUlwe might have been a little less known and sought after destination in Navi Mumbai for a long time but ever since the Navi Mumbai Intl. Airport has been declared, it has become a hot bed for all sort of builder scams. And these builders are all small time, unethical investor-cum-builders who are out only to make money out of shady land deals. With CIDCO not making any attempts to make land deals in Ulwe transparent, the situation is becoming murkier by the day. As a citizen or buyer what is it that you all must know is what we are tracking on our top report this weekend “Are shady land deals making Ulwe a hot bed for builder scams? With the official announcement of the Navi Mumbai International Airport, the real estate in Navi Mumbai is seeing an all time high as prices have boomed both of land as well as property. So have the instances of scams that are taking place. Agents, middle agents and self – claimed small time builders who are out to make bucks out of land dealings are duping, being duped and making innocent buyers victims of the vicious chain. So that there is buyer awareness and that unaware citizens do not invest their life time earnings in such properties, NMTV News is bringing to you the Ulwe Expose that showcases how Ulwe is seeing the murkiest of scams taking place here. Once completely unknown and hardly in demand, Ulwe became one of the most sought after destinations over night post the official announcement of the Navi Mumbai International Airport. What makes Ulwe vulnerable to scams? Well, there are three ways in which CIDCO allots plots – one is social and special purpose plots, the second tender plots and the third 12.5% PAP plots. It’s the third category of 12.5% PAP plots where corruption prevail the most. And it is because majority of plots in Ulwe are 12.5% PAP plots, it has become so vulnerable so all sorts of scams. To give you an idea of the level and account of how scams are happening, we give you an example of two plots in Ulwe – they are Plot no. 176, Sector 20, Ulwe admeasuring 3600 sq mts and Plot No. 177, Sector 20, Ulwe admeasuring 3000 sq. mts. In a complaint written to DCP Ashok Dudhe, the complainants Bhupesh Gupta and J G Khichda allege that two persons Sumeet Bhachewar and S P Agarwal have cheated them by selling them these two plots on forged CIDCO allotment letters. The series of sale was in this order : * The plot was sold by Sumeet Bachewar to one Admiral Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Bachewar sold Plot no. 176 for Rs. 1 Crore 11 Lacs and Plot no. 177 for 90 lacs. * Admiral Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. sold the same to J G Khichda. They sold Plot no. 176 for Rs. 1 Crore 62 Lacs making a profit of Rs. 51 lakhs and Plot no. 177 for 1 Crore 35 lacs making a profit of Rs. 45 lacs. * J G Khicda sold the plots to Ratilal Patel. Khichda sold Plot no. 176 for Rs. 1 Crore 76 Lacs making a profit of Rs. 14 lakhs and Plot no. 177 for 1 Crore 47 lacs making a profit of Rs. 12 lacs. When the last buyer of the plot Ratilal Patel demanded for original documents of the plots, Khichda approached Admiral Financial Services Pvt Ltd who in turn approached Bhachewar. It was later found out that CIDCO has not allotted the plots in question to anyone yet. That is when cable-operator, stock broker turned builder Bhupesh Gupta, on behalf of Admiral Financial Services Pvt Ltd. along with Khichda filed a complaint with the police. When NMTV News contacted S P Agarwal, he said that no legal documents or MOUs have his name anywhere and this was a conspiracy of Bhupesh Gupta to malign his image. He refused to speak on camera. Bachewar toed the same line as S P Agarwal and said that all the allegations against him by Bhupesh Gupta was a complete lie. He said he is awaiting the copy of the complaint and will act accordingly. He said that he will go to court against Bhupesh Gupta for filing this false complaint. On the other hand, J G Khichda gave an insight on the scam but refused to speak on camera. Multiple shady deals on the same plots have become a common practice in Ulwe. In many cases; constructions have started and people have invested their life savings in buying homes only to find out later that the title of the plot is not clear like in the case of plots 176 and 177. These unaware buyers are victims of agents and small time builders’ unethical practices. So how does one protect the buyers from the vicious chain of money minded and selfish agents and builders? It is here that CIDCO can play an important role by making land deals transparent. Unfortunately they choose not to do so. Sandeep Thakur adds that IT should be used to make all plot deals public and transparent. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan continues to advocate the need to make land deals transparent but unfortunately the government’s own corporation CIDCO still fails to practice it. Now it is up to the buyers to become vigilant and taken legal opinion before investing in any property in Ulwe. NMTV will continue to bring to you more such scams in the Ulwe expose so that you too become aware of how, why and by whom has Ulwe become a hot bed for shady deal and murky scams – all with the intent of public interest. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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