ganesh-idol2When we think about passions, they are endless! Whether it is of painting or anything else, one can get number of varieties in it. City based artist Neelam Hemrajani, who is a painter by profession, has been continuing her passion for the last 20 years. This time she has canvasses painted with different moods of Lord Ganesha. We captured some of them in our camera lenses. Neelam Hemrajani, is a devotee of Lord Ganesha has devoted her artistic talent in making various paintings of Lord Ganesha. Her studio at Vashi is filled with several paintings of Lord Ganesha. With no formal training in painting, she knows what colours should be used and mixed to make a fine painting of the deity. Hemrajani has visualized Ganesha in 50 different forms. Some have Ganesha playing flutes, drums, guitar while some depict the idol in abstract form. Some of them are painted in traditional forms thus depending upon the liking of the takers of the paintings. Neelam Hemrajani, who has passed her HSC in commerce, didn’t pursue her studies further and continued with her passion for painting. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete an oil painting and she specializes in portraits. As a teacher she has got some message for the budding artists. She also informed us about painting on a black canvass which is not as simple as painting on white one. Some of her paintings are embellished with stones, gold and silver work which gives a mesmerizing look to her paintings of Ganesha.

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