femingo-2Every winter the creeks and coast line of Navi Mumbai sees thousands of flemingoes coming to the coast. The Navi Mumbai coasts and creek mud flats off the Arabian Sea can be termed the “Flamingo Nook” as every winter a few thousands and more flamingos and lesser flamingos assemble to beat the bitter cold of Rann. Be it high tide or low tide, one can spot a thin pink line across the waters with another some distance away. While sleeping, these birds stand still in the waters with their heavy, pink bills tucked into their white necks. And if they hear or feel anyone come close by, for no evident reason, one can see the line break up as one by one the birds took two to three strides on the water’s surface before taking off in a delightful, pink and black flight. Every time they fly, the pink and black of the birds frame the skies and then land in orderly fashion, to form a crowd at another end. In flight the long outstretched legs and neck, and the black bordered brilliant scarlet wings are diagnostic. Anyone watching the sight stands numb watching the splash of colours across the skies. The juveniles start life black and grey and turn pink over six months after feeding on blue-green algae. Flemingo is a migratory bird that comes to the coasts and creeks of Navi Mumbai every winter. People aware of this attractive sight that one can see only every winter, come in large numbers to the Vashi creek to see the sight. The flemingos fly for 18 hours at a stretch to come to Navi Mumbai and Mumbai coasts every winter. In November, they will fly off to the Konkan belt but many will still be spotted in Navi Mumbai creeks till January. Fishermen of the Vashi creek gave us an insight on the birds that come every winter. Anyone who witnesses the sight of flemngoes in the creep, with keep thinking of the black and white juvenile flamingos. For in the next two months, they will turn pink warranting a fresh trip. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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