Ashray, an NGO that works for the cause of orphans and abandons, celebrated its successful completion of 20 years. Mumbai city has two shades, one of the posh, the rich and the influential and the other of the weak, poor and deserted. And while many of the poor and the weak lying at platforms or roadsides might go unnoticed, Ashray, an NGO has taken the initiative of picking these orphans and giving them opportunities to live a better life. In the last 20 years, Ashray organization which is located at the CST railway station, has taken in orphans to make them engineers and doctors. Seeing the work of the organization, Central Railways also provided them with a home called Aamchi Kholi at the CST railway station. The organization celebrated its completion of 20 years where the wife of Central Railways General Manager B B Modgil, Rajni Modgil was present. On the day, those ex-students of the organizations were also invited who were picked up from the street 10 to 15 ears back and today are engineers or into Hotel Management. Ajaz Khan – NMTV News.

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