Asia’s largest market APMC reels under pathetic condition

One would have expected that the market which supplies vegetables, fruits and grains to the entire city would bore a complete hygienic look, but the hopes seem to high. The condition of the APMC grain market is so pathetic that a stray dog that died in the market, three days ago is yet not taken away from the municipal authorities.

Monsoons are here and it is during this time that monsoon ailments are also on a steep high. A big challenge for the authority is to curb the diseases that occur during rainy season which can be avoided by keeping a check on water accumulation, strewn garbage and over flowing gutters. And one place where hygienic conditions that have totally gone for a toss is the biggest agriculture market of Asia, the APMC market at Vashi. While one would have thought that this market, which supplies all eatable commodities to the entire city, would maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere, it is far from true. One look at the grain market and one can see only garbage strewn around and the rainy season has made matters worse. Infact, the condition of the market is reeling under such bad condition that a stray dog that died in the market three days ago has not even been taken away by the municipal authorities. Despite the traders complaining for three days, nothing is being done about the matter. Traders in the market complain about the pathetic condition of the market. The condition of the market is so unhygienic that traders have to eat outside the market. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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