panvel-school-4While the state has established many schools n rural areas of Panvel under its Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan, a look at the schools will show how this scheme of the government has failed in its purpose. Due to the negligence of the Government, the students are suffering under improper facilities and environment that is needed in an educational institute. We all know that to mould the future of a child, education is of prime importance. The students intellectual level and personality can be developed at schools where the environment, facilities and teachers play a very important role. While city schools have the benefit of having the state-of-the-art facilities, schools in rural areas are often ignored and neglected by the government. Despite of schemes like the Sarva Shiksha Anhiyaan, schools in rural areas have failed to flourish. One such school is in rural Panvel, which has standards, I to VII. The school is run by the Zilla Parisahd. Today, the number of children studying in the school is 209. But unfortunately there are no sufficient teachers to guide and teach these students. As against to the 200 odd students, the school provides only 4 to 5 teachers. Villagers have the area allege that even the teachers appointed in the school did not have a good teaching record. With the teachers performance low, they are sent to far off rural places away from the city as a punishment. They said that the government was more concerned about penalizing the teachers rather than thinking of the future of the students. They further alleged that the behavior of such teachers was evident in schools also who mistreat the students and do not even reach the school on time. Villagers also alleged that due to the clash of political interests in Panvel, which has a Congress MLA and the village panchayat rule with the PWP, the education and development of the school was hindered. While crores of rupees are supposedly allotted for the development of the schools, a look at the classrooms will tell you how much the funds are being misused. Students do not have proper benches and have to sit on floors. Basic amenities like drinking water, electricity and fans are not available here. Mid day meals for the students are unhygienic, allege the parents. What’s more, even the computers in the school are not used as there is no electricity and no computer teacher to teach. These are the future of our nation who are suffering because of the inadequate facilities and careless attitude of the government. Every year the government will spend crores of rupees to in the name of providing education in rural areas, but looking at the pathetic state of affairs at the school in Panvel, seems like the government’s

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