potholes-3Navi Mumbai is a developing city and it is indeed one, in the literal sense. Road repair, road digging, road construction are a sight which is seen more often than not for the past many months. While we still wait for the day when the city would be free from prolonged road works, filling of the roads dug in a poor fashion is another hurdle that commuters are facing. Vashi has become a commuters’ nightmare. Its’ either dug up roads or unevenly patched up roads or unevenly patched up roads dug again for another civic job. Whatever the reason be, citizens are running out of patience due to the chaotic work. The repair work has not just damaged the power and telephone cables but the poor fashion in which the roads are being filled has made matters worse. The uneven roads are not smoothened out leading to potholes at many places or just uneven roads. Commuters and pedestrians shared their experience with Navi Mumbai News. Looking at the haphazard way in which roads are being dug and then unevenly filled, locals are praying that once all the civic work ends, the roads of the city will be made else monsoon this year will spell disaster for citizens. With cameraperson Ravi Nikkam, Amjad Ansari for Navi Mumbai News.

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