bannerIt’s a rather black spin-off of 26/11. In the aftermath of the horrific terror attack on the city, one segment that’s been reaping the benefits is the banner-making community. Banner-makers, who say their business was hit when MCGM cracked down on illegal hoardings a few months ago, saw an upsurge in fortunes corresponding to the upsurge in emotions after 26/11. Indeed, many artists had to work overtime to meet the orders. People stopped taking the mandatory permission from MCGM to display their banners, and grabbed hot spots to popularize themselves. Banners paying homage to the martyrs were put up in every nook and corner with MCGM merely doing anything about it. According to the banner-making community, political parties were even ready to pay double the rate only so that their banners could come up first. Politicians, the one breed whose posters continued to disfigure the city even when MCGM cracked down on ordinary people putting up banners, were quick to take advantage of 26/11 as well. If the TV visuals of Vilasrao Deshmukh’s terror tourism at the Taj began his downfall, banners at the Gateway of India on the now famous

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