water-melon-2It’s summer time and to beat this heat, people hit upon all that which can quench their thirst and better fruit than the juicy water melon. So tempting and so rare is the sight of water melons on bullock carts. We stopped by a few to chat with them about one of the favorite fruits of summer. For these vendors, selling water melons is a source of livelihood. Sitting at prominent places in the city, vendors sell these water melons for anywhere between Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 from morning to evening. Life for these vendors in summer is all about coming to cities to sell water melon and then going back home. From small children to elderly, water melon is loved by all. It’s cooling and soothing properties along with being economical makes it an ideal fruit for the classes and the masses during the summer season. Water melons are a healthy source of natural energy rich in vitamin B needed to produce energy in the body. They are good for the eye. And for those who are constantly worried about weight gain, this fruit is low in calories and high on water content. So next time the heat is getting on to you, we are sure the rich red colored tempting pulp and sweet taste of the water melon will help you beat the heat of the rising mercury levels. With Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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