civic-issues-6The city is seeing many vast and major projects being planned for the city but unfortunately at the face of it, there is just power crisis, traffic congestion, crimes and water shortage plaguing the city. Although the road projects inaugurated in the city by Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh might help towards reducing traffic issues in the city, the truth of the matter is that the city is still engulfed in problems like power crises, crimes, traffic congestion and water shortage. Mumbai turning into a Shanghai has just remained on papers as all the civic bodies are just tossing blames and responsibilities at each other. The repair of city roads has been going for years. Yet the respective authorities have not been able to come with a concrete solution for the problem and roads are just being repaired and dug up. Following road repair issue, is the major problem of traffic congestion. There has been no place left in the city which is not jam packed with traffic. It is not just traveling from road that is a problem but railways are also another pain. Congestion at peak hours and infrequent local trains are some of the concerns of this sector. MSEDC is failing on its part to provide uninterrupted power supply to city and many places are reeling under water shortage problems. Crime rate has gone so high in the city that walking down even on a crowded street has become a cause of fear. In such a situation, political leaders are just on a run of inaugurations for city development projects but at face value being a global city is a far off dream. A NMTV Bureau report.


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