bestDuring a meet, BEST committee member Sunil Dhanacharya raised the concern of drinking water for BEST employees and workers at bus depots. The condition of canteens at around 25 BEST buildings across the city are in a dire state today. One of the biggest concerns is the drinking water facility here. During a BEST meet, Best committee member Sunil Dhanacharya demanded that the daily wage given to Best workers of 50 paise should be increased to one rupee 25 paise. He further stated the workers had to drink water from nearby wells to quench their thirst and hence, drinking water facility must be provided at BEST depots. BEST MAY HIRE MECHANICS AND CLEANERS FOR ITS BUSES Another demand that was at the meet was by former Best Committee Chairman Praveen Chedda who demanded that mechanics and cleaners must be hired for BEST buses so that any wear and tear of the bus can be tackled without hassling the commuter. In reply to this, BEST Chairman Dilip Patil stated that BEST was in the process of hiring drivers and conductors for its new buses and if need be, mechanics and cleaners would also be hired. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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