In a recent report, BEST has been registered as the worst traffic offender in the city. Thanks to CCTVs, the offences registered against BEST bus drivers have shot up almost six-fold. In the January-August period of 2008, the traffic department had penalised 551 BEST drivers. This time, as many as 3,307 offences were registered. The offences include jumping signals, lane cutting, standing in no-parking areas, waiting on zebra crossings, and even driving without licences. Since BEST has around 4,000 buses, this means there’s been almost one violation per bus on an average. Armed with information from the RTO, the traffic police send information about the violations to BEST, which is then expected to provide details of the driver of the bus at that time. The driver is then summoned to be present and admit his offence. So if you are a motorist who deliberately violates traffic rules and then speeds away in the belief that the portly traffic cop won’t be able to get you, think again. You can expect a knock at the door soon. Keep the cash ready. While the penalty for driving without a licence is Rs300, the fines for other offences are a nominal Rs100.


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