mcgmIn this climate of high alerts, the constant terror threats to Mumbai’s water treatment plants, its pipelines and reservoirs have now forced the MCGM to set up a special unit that will help protect these critical resources. In an unprecedented move, city fathers have now sent a batch of its security personnel to an army base – the Bombay Engineering and Group Centre – in Khadaki, Pune for training in arms and ammunitions and even explosive detection. Amongst many other quick response techniques, the 30 security men – including 24 guards and six officers – will also be taught how to defuse bombs. The men, on their return, will then be posted at various critical installations such as dams, water treatment plants and even MCGM hospitals. Though the MCGM haven’t received any specific alert at the moment, there has always been a latent threat from terror outfits to the city’s waterworks. According to Anti-Terrorist Squad Chief K P Raghuvanshi, it is prudent that the MCGM take such proactive action in the view of any foreseeable threat to such critical installations. According to a senior MCGM official, the guards are already in the middle of a 13-day training, which began on July 20 and will go on till August 1. Of late, MCGM have received quite a few threats with regards to critical installations. In fact, just three months ago, the civic body received a letter that threatened to blowup MCGM establishments. Now, while all of these have been hoaxes the MCGM has decided to make sure that they are prepared in case of any eventuality. The ongoing training includes recognizing different kinds of ammunition and bombs, techniques to defuse explosives and lectures on various security aspects. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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