exam-1The board examinations are on and one thing that the students would have to be aware, is the copying or cheating during examinations. DCP Crime D T Shinde informed NMTV News that students indulging in this act or involved in leaking the paper may even face imprisonment. There is a lot of pressure on students and those who don’t prepare themselves, resort to copying or cheating. But this could be one of their biggest risks as if caught cheating, a student may end up losing a year of their academics or will be barred for 3 years. Navi Mumbai DCP Crime – D T Shinde informed that students can be imprisoned in case of paper getting leaked and he or she is found guilty. Incase student is caught copying there is 6 months imprisonment and Rs 500/- fine. He urged students to give fair examinations. Principals have also maintained a strict guideline against cheating. Even students appealed to their peers to not resort to cheating during examinations. With cameraman Kala Jadhav & Vivek Gaikwad Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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