Lakhs of devotees arrived for the installation ceremony of the deity at Bhavkaleshwar Temple of Lord Shiva at Khairane. A grand installation ceremony marked the opening of the Bhavkaleshwar Temple of Lord Shiva to the public. The temple is built next to Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s quarry. The ceremony was performed at the hands of Balbrahmachari Sukhdev Maharaj Bardikar. The Maharaj arrived on a rath with the stone in the shape of Lord Nandi. Nearly 15 years ago the Naik family had found a stone in the shape of Lord Nandi and since then it was worshiped at the temple sight. However, after Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s wife saw a dream, the leader decided to build a temple here. The temple is now open for the public. While the temple was being constructed since the last decade, only lately has GM Ganesh Naik personally taken it up and is seeing to it that the temple work in done at the earliest. The temple is being built on an area of nearly 2000 sq. ft. Thousands of devotees visited the temple. The list of prominent guests included MLA Shashikant Shinde, Thane CP Sivanandan, NMMC Commissioner Madhukar Kokate, NMMC Mayor Manisha Bhoir, Navi Mumbai CP Ramrao Wagh who were greeted by the Naik family. Navi Mumbai News shared a few words with the devotees here.


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