banmBhupendra Shah, the MD of Bhoomiraj has been elected as the President of Builders Association of Navi Mumbai. Sana Warsia met with him to know his immediate challenges and priorities as the president of the association. Builders Association of Navi Mumbai has been in existence since 2002. Since then BANM has successfully organized the first in series of Property Exhibitions namely Destination Navi Mumbai which acted as a catalyst to boost the housing industry. The BANM was successful in slowly uplifting the image of builder’s community by organizing various seminars, talk shows and meetings of public interest as well as doing socially relevant projects. One of the premium builders’ body association, BANM’s global approach is to make Navi Mumbai grow beyond imagination. The association recently elected its new President and committee members in which Bhupendra Shah, the MD of Bhoomiraj was elected as the new President. Speaking to NMTV News, Bhupendra Shah while expressed his happiness on being elected as the new President, said that now his responsibilities had increased. President for the second time, Bhupendra Shah listed out his immediate challenges, which included the Chief Minister’s stay on 12.5% scheme plots in Navi Mumbai. BANM is also planning to meet the Chief Minister and explain in person the problems that would occur with his orders of the stay. According to Bhupendra Shah, their main objective would be to promote Navi Mumbai as a world-class city. His panel of members include Surendra Sablok of Kamdhenu group, Bhachubahi Patel of Akshar group, Ashok Chajjer of Chajjer group and Sandeep Sampat of Neel Sidhi group amongst others. They were contesting against Ashwin Ruparel, Omprakash Kakwani, Vijay Lakhani and Nilesh Gala. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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