slum-1Just like post the Lok Sabha elections, now after the assembly elections the NMMC anti-encroachment department has again started demolition drive of illegal slums. This time slums at Sector 8B of CBD Belapur were razed down, reports Vrushali Chitre. NMMC had recently conducted a demolition drive, razing down 27 illegal hutments out of the 350 at Sector 8B CBD Belapur. However, people staying in these homes claimed that they have been staying at this place for years and possess identity cards. They said that it’s because they voted for the BJP, the NCP-led NMMC razed down their hutments. BJP leader Suresh Haware arrived to meet the slum dwellers post NMMC’s action. Haware alleged that the NMMC administration had conducted the drive under pressure of the ruling front. He further stated that the area does not fall under NMMC’s jurisdiction, it is a forest land, then why did they went ahead to demolish the hutments at this place. He also stated that everyone knows who rules the corporation and therefore, the entire action has been politicized by them. He also met Subhash Gaikar, Assistant Commissioner Zone 2, NMMC Encroachment Department. When we spoke to Subhash Gaikar, he stated that the orders were issued from the Deputy Commissioner and they went ahead with the drive. When asked that inspite of having ration cards and water bill, the municipal corporation still took action against them, he stated that they have the map with them according to which the slums were formed after 2000. NMMC carried out the demolition of a Shiv temple at Vashi, which is said to have been built illegally. However, the step has hurt the religious sentiments of the people and to keep things under control, around 100 policemen were patrolling the area. BJP Leader Suresh Haware also visited the site. The unauthorized temple which was located at Vashi is said to be built 20 years back which was demolished by NMMC. Immediately after the demolition, a new wall was raised to keep things under control at the site. Moreover to keep peace intact, the police force was also on guard. The senior police inspector present there informed us that NMMC had given notices to the trustees of the temple but since nothing was done, the court passed the judgment of its demolition. He also said that trustees had not produced the sufficient proves which lead to the demolition: The caretaker of the temple however spoke their stance to NMTV News. BJP leader Suresh Haware also visited the site and said that it was shocking to see the demolition of such an old temple. He said that the temple was in existence even before the NMMC and CIDCO came into existence at Navi Mumbai. He didn’t deter himself from accusing the ruling party of NMMC for its deed of demolition: The demolition of the temple has obviously hurt the religious sentiments of the locals who expressed their anger on the entire event. Had CIDCO or NMMC’s encroachment dept. performed their duty on time, any illegal temple would not have come in the first place. Officials of the encroachment department should be penalized for dereliction of duty as it’s because of their apathy that the sentiments of devotees are being hurt today. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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