bjp-1The BJP has appointed Gopinath Munde as in charge of the Maharashtra BJP for the coming Assembly elections. The announcement was made by BJP National President Rajnath Singh in a recent meet. Gopinath Munde will take over from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who planned strategy for Lok Sabha polls. Munde’s appointment also comes as a setback for State BJP chief Nitin Gadkari who does not get along with Munde. In past couple of years, it was Gadkari who had got a major say in the party as compared to Munde. The party continued to suffer, forcing the BJP to bring back Munde and put him in the place once held by Pramod Mahajan for a long time. Singh, however, sought to dismiss the talk of the Munde-Gadkari cold war. In 2008, Munde had resigned from all organizational posts saying he was being sidelined. With cameraperson Ranjeet Gupta, Dhiraj Mishra for NMTV News.

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