havare-voteShiv Sena BJP candidate Suresh Haware started voting day with his family seeking blessings of the God AlMighty. Manisha Kumbhar joined the Haware family from their residence and reports on them casting their vote at Vashi village. In a somber atmosphere, NMTV News joined a confident and happy Haware family from their residence “Vedant” from Sanpada where the family first seeked the blessings of God AlMighty. Perhaps Suresh Haware has worked the hardest on his campaigning among all candidates contesting from Belapur as he started his campaigning almost 10 months ago and emerged as tough and capable saffron alliance candidate in Belapur constituency. Speaking to NMTV News, before casting his vote Suresh Haware and his family were a picture of confidence on Suresh Haware’s victory. Late Satish Haware’s wife Ujjwala Haware too voiced confidence on Suresh Haware’s victory. The Haware family caste their vote, no points for guessing for whom at the municipal school at Vashi village. After casting their vote, while Suresh Haware voiced the need for each to exercise their right to vote, on the other hand his wife was confident that the family would be celebrating double Diwali this year. No matter what the results are, beyond any doubt Suresh Haware is already a winner for reviving the dormant BJP party in Navi Mumbai. As far as his race to the assembly seat from Belapur constituency is concerned, we’ll find out the voter’s verdict on October 22. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Manisha Kumbhar for NMTV News.

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