There are a lot of talks in political circles about how BJP is in an identity crisis in the state. We get to you the sorry picture of the party with this report. With Gopinath Munde rising to the status of a national leader, Nobody knows who the party belongs to and who the party represents. Is the Bharatiya Janata Party in Maharashtra day dreaming? One of the rumours doing the rounds about why Gopinath Munde got a ticket for his daughter is that he wanted to have someone who will vacate an assembly seat, should he decide to come to the state and become chief minister! This represents the state of the BJP: that Munde would need his daughter since no one else will vacate a seat for him; but more than that, the audacity that the BJP would get more seats than the Shiv Sena, and together they may be in a majority and Munde will be the alliance’s choice for chief minister. For years BJP continues to be number four among the major players in the state and the loss of power at the Centre, the passing away of Pramod Mahajan have badly demoralized the party. Add to this the ongoing factional battle between Gopinath Munde and Nitin Gadkari and you have a complete recipe for redundancy. As it happens in the case of most promising leaders these days, Gopinath Munde has hastily been promoted to the ‘national’ level; meaning that the state BJP is either orphaned or rudderless. Add to this the complications arising from its two-decade old alliance with Shiv Sena. But in terms of followers, the BJP in Maharashtra has singularly failed to attract any particular social section. It mostly relies on traditional white collar middle class base in some areas, local bases cultivated by individual leaders and the contingent support from the leftovers. In Maharashtra the BJP experiment of bringing together the upper castes and the lower OBCs has not yielded desired results. That is where lies the identity crisis of the state BJP. Nobody knows who the party belongs to and who the party represents. Bureau report – NMT V News.

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