bharat-jadhav-3Despite being a national party, prior to 2005, the local municipal corporation of Navi Mumbai had no representation of the BJP. But for the first time in the 2005 municipal polls, BJP made its debut in NMMC when Bharat Jadhav was elected corporator from ward no. 88. At that time his victory was being termed as historical. But close to the end of Bharat Jadhav’s maiden tenure as corporator, there seems to be disappointment among his ward’s voters. Our “Your Ward ! Your Corporator ! Correspondent Monika Bhosale finds out that voters have given thumbs down to Bharat Jadhav’s performance as corporator. Every time voters of any ward elect their corporator, they have expectations that the corporator will represent their ward and its issues in NMMC and expedite progress and development work in the ward so that there are returns to the tax payer’s money. In ward no. 88 of Nerul, the expectations of voters from their corporator were crystal clear – they expected development of the ward, they expected relief from day-to-day civic grievances, reddressal of problems faced by railway commuters, better bus services, cleaning of Kille Gonthan pond and restoring of fort and most important – an end to illegal quarrying and environment destruction in the ward. At the end of five years however, none of this has happened. Perhaps that’s why voters of ward no. 88 are disappointed with their corporator Bharat Jadhav who is the lone corporator from the BJP in NMMC. Voters of ward no. 88 placed trust in Bharat Jadhav when they elected him to the corridors of power in NMMC as their representative. Voters recall how Bharat Jadhav had gone home to home appealing voters to vote for him. At that time Bharat Jadhav promised voters’ progress and reddressal of their issues if they elected him. And voters elected Bharat Jadhav. They expected that the corporator would do justice to their issues and expectations. And as his tenure comes to its closure, Bharat Jadhav has failed. We aren’t saying this but the voters of his ward no. 88 are. So you notice for yourself how voters of ward no. 88 have failed Bharat Jadhav – the BJP corporator from ward number 88 in his performance report of five years. This is first from the two reports that we will bring to you from ward no. 88. The next report is on the criminal cases against the corporator. Stay tuned to “”Your ward ! Your Corporator’s performance !” A NMTV Good Governance Initiative to know what these cases are that compels one to question whether “New leadership is the only solution for progress and betterment of Ward No. 88, Nerul?” NMTV will only bring to you the issues but the final call is yours. If you are satisfied with your corporator “vote for stability” if not, change them in Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News

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