vikroli-blaast-1A blast in a public toilet at Vikroli has shocked the city and once again surfaced the issue of poor maintenance of BMC toilets. It has put a doubt in the minds of citizens of the output of the Rs 20 crores that the corporation has allotted for toilets maintenance in the city in this year’s budget. The incident has left ten persons injured. The blast in the water tank of a public toilet in Ramnagar, Vikroli was so intense that a wall of the toilet structure collapsed and ten persons were injured. During this report, two of them were critical. While the word blast immediately makes one think of terrorist ploys but this one was courtesy the ill maintenance of toilets by BMC – the caretakers. The toilet was neglected for years resulting into formation of gases in the toilet tank that ultimately burst due to intense pressure. BMC’s area ward engineer, Rupesh Trivedi gave the routine reply that the incident would be investigated. Although BMC is likely to appoint an enquiry committee in the matter, the truth of the matter is not hidden from the BMC officers or the public. To the shock of many, it is very likely not going to include the name of the contractor or the department officials who are responsible in maintaining the area’s toilets. Matters like these and many others highlights the ever ongoing corruption in the corporation. From Vikroli, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.


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