mcgmOfficials at MCGM have stated that it has become difficult for them to ensure that all nursing homes, maternity homes and polyclinics operating from residential housing societies have independent entrances. The landmark ruling of the Mumbai High Court barring polyclinics, nursing homes, maternity homes and pathology laboratories occupying residential premises in cooperative housing societies to operate without independent entrances is posing nightmarish challenges in from the MCGM administration. While development control rules formulated in 1991 require nursing homes based in residential societies to have “separate” entrances, the courts interpreted that separate essentially meant “independent”. The court’s interpretation was different from the one used by the MCGM while giving permissions to these clinics. The civic body had been sanctioning them on the ground that the common passage – be it lift or staircase was “separate” enough for the clinics to function without disturbing the privacy of families residing in the society. The courts may have ruled in favour of the housing societies, but enforcing this directive has become difficult for the civic body. No matter how difficult it may seem, for now Dr. Jairaj Pathak and his team have no choice but to follow High Court orders. Sana Warsia NMTV News.

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