The pilot project to detect underground leakages in pipelines will begin this week. A Singapore-based firm will be in the city between January 14 and 17 to carry out the project. This is part of MCGM’s plan to conduct a water audit to gauge the extent of wastage. The project will be implemented between Goregaon and Dahisar. MCGM will conduct the test on three of its initiatives-detecting leaks through sound sensors, geographic information system (GIS) and ground penetration radars (GPRs). Town planners had suggested that the GIS be implemented, which would be a digitised map of the city that would help keep tabs on minute details. However, the project did not materialise. Sound sensors will detect sound waves emitted by water underground. Inconsistency in the wave pattern at a spot will indicate that there is a leak. The civic officials will include the findings of the pilot project in the water audit. Bureau report NMTV

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