rto-1Doctors with little proof of them not being bogus are sitting right under the nose of RTO and issuing fake health certificates to motorists who have applied for driving licenses. Despite knowing for a fact that all vehicles in the Ahmedabad blasts operated on fake papers, the RTO negligence is worrisome. Sudhir Sharma exposes a clear unholy nexus that cannot be possible without the blessings of a few officials at the RTO. These doctors are issuing fake medical certificates to hundreds of motorists who come to the RTO for driving licenses. Sitting right under the nose of the Regional Transport Office at Vashi, these doctors who have no authority letter with them from RTO or proof of not being bogus issue fake medical certificates for Rs. 20 to just anyone who comes here. Motorists who bought the medical license for a fee of Rs. 20 accept on camera that they got the certificate without undergoing any medical test. When we spoke to one of the doctors issuing fake certificates, not surprisingly he had no convincing answers. BYTE And it’s not done for a day or two but these doctors have been operating here for months. The RTO does not issue a renewed license or a new license to any driver without taking a medical certificate as fitness proof. We also met the Dy. Regional Transport Office Bharat Kalaskar on the rampant fraud business being carried out right under his premises, to which the officer had this to say. The doctors-agents nexus to get driving licenses at the RTO is not hidden from anyone. But at a time when Navi Mumbai has become a soft ground for terrorist to operate and four vehicles in the Ahmedabad blasts were the ones stolen from Navi Mumbai, one would have thought that the RTO and Navi Mumbai Traffic Police would have been in their guard. But the careless manner in which the doctors are issuing fake certificates at the Vashi RTO that can be availed by anti social elements too for any other purpose is worrisome. Looks like once again somewhere but definitely the security of the city and nation is being put to risk so that a few can make a few extra bucks. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.


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