breaking-newsShock waves went around political circles in CBD Belapur as a bogus ration card racket was unearthed by Shiv Sena party workers along with the Navi Mumbai police. It is a known fact that every election sees bogus voting by most political parties but most probably this was one of rare times when one could see a concrete proof of this illegal act. All hell broke loose at close to 10 in the night at Gauri complex at sector 11 CBD Belapur where the police along with Shiv Sena party workers raised a stationary shop and seized ration cards, white papers along with dye and other printing material. As soon as the news of this spread, Shiv Sena BJP candidate Vijay Chougule along with other party workers reached Gauri complex to personally take a look at the stationary shop and the bogus ration card being printed over there. Of the persons arrested from the stationary shop, one spoke to the media. Reliable sources allege that Santosh Mhatre is the PA of NCP-Congress-RPI candidate Dr. Sanjeev Naik and the White House in question is the NCP election headquarters. Speaking to the media, saffron alliance candidate Vijay Chougule gave an insight on the entire incident. He accused his opponents of doing this for bogus voting. Shiv Sena party workers later gheraoed the CBD Police station demanding immediate action in the matter as besides this stationary shop reportedly bogus ration cards were being made in three outlets including Kamothe and Mumbai. As the drama went passed midnight, Ashok Dhude arrived at CBD Police station and speaking to the press gave the detail on the case. Another shocking seizure was voters list that looked original. However DCP Ashok Dhude said that unless the competent authority certifies it would not be established whether the voters list was original. As the crowd and media dispersed, the police carried on investigations in the matter. Later at around 2 in the night MLA and Shiv Sena Thane election head Eknath Shinde arrived at CBD Police station for a first hand report in the matter. NMTV News caught up with Eknath Shinde after he met with the police. If voters neglect their voting rights, political parties will misuse their rights to gain power at the cost of democracy. NMTV News appeals to all viewers to exercise your right to vote on April 30 from 7am to 5pm to so that the right government is elected to power. Bureau report NMTV

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