ambani-2Now a book has been written on the conflict between the two strongest industrialist brothers, the Ambanis, by senior journalist Nandkishor Bhartiya. The most talked about controversy between the two industrial giants of the country, the Ambani brothers, is not just limited to become the headlines of a news, but is also a subject for the writers. The ongoing Rs 50, 000 crore gas dispute between the two Reliance Industries will now be presented in a book which is written and published by a senior journalist and business desk in charge of Navbharat Times Nandkishor Bhartiya. A book release ceremony was thus organized at press club in the presence of many journalists including editor of Navbharat Times Sachindra Tripathi, Industrialist Anand Rathi, Motilal Oswal and others. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Dhiraj Mishra for NMTV news.

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