water-The MCGM plans to implement its proposed 30% water cut in the city much like load shedding. While this may not mean much in areas which receive water for over three hours a day, the move is bound to wreak havoc in households that already receive water for less than 60 minutes. 45 minutes – that’s the exact time that most Mumbaikars have to complete all domestic chores related to work. The mad rush will only worsen for them in the days to come, as supply timings will be further reduced. This means that many Mumbaikars will have to adjust their consumption time proportionally. The water distribution cycle in Mumbai is unequal. Water supply hours wary from 45 minutes to ten hours, depending on the network density. The civic administration has proposed steeper cuts in water supply – a 15 % cut is already in effect to ensure there is sufficient water in the reservoirs to last until the next monsoon. The civic body has now proposed to introduce up to a 30 % supply-hour cut. The proposal will be put before the MCGM group of leaders meeting this week. A 30% supply-hour cut will mean that the city will receive water for 30% lesser time. For instance, western suburban areas from Bandra to Dahisar, which get a three-hour supply on an average at present, will now receive water for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Similarly, parts which get water for two hours currently will get water for an hour and a half after the cuts are introduced. Even though the MCGM has planned to be a bit more lenient towards under-privileged areas which receive water for an hour or so, and keep the cut at 20%, households there might well get water for less than 40 minutes now. The pinch will be more acute in high-lying areas and those at the fag end of the network. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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