Due to the negligence and apathy of BMC and Central Railway authorities, commuters coming from Kurla east to West are facing many inconvenience especially the school children as there is only one bridge that the commuters can use to cross over. One of the most well-known stations in Mumbai is the Sion station as its not just the busiest but also the highest revenue earner for the Central Railways. And despite this the station lacks some of the basic facilities for its commuters. It may be recalled that for the past many years the commuters here are demanding an underground subway instead of the existing bridge so that they find it easy to travel to Kurla court, hospitals and schools. Although 90% of the work has been completed for this subway but unfortunately today the work stands at a standstill. This has forced the commuters to use the old bridge which has its own set of worries. To begin with the stairs of the bridge are so steep that daily 40-50 people slip on it. The injury is so intense that they have to be even taken to the nearby hospitals. The lanes between the bridge and station have become a hub for hooligans. We spoke to a senior citizen about their concerns. We spoke with some schoolchildren who stated that during monsoons matters became even worse. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Mushtaq Ahmed for NMTV News.

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