taxi-miter-4The state government is set to make the installation of electronic meters mandatory in all autorickshaws and taxis that were registered after March 1 this year. Looking at the overall requirement of meters for the existing taxis which are 1.10 lakh in number and autorickshaws which are 5.10 lakh, the state government has decided that the plan would be implemented in a phased manner. To begin with only new ones will have electronic meters installed. The taxis will have to install printers too. After which gradually, the existing ones will be made to install electronic meters too. Installation of electronic meters means passengers get accurate readings, tampering of meters – a largescale problem currently – will be mostly tackled and passengers can get printed bills of the fare, along with the registration, permit number and the distance traversed. The decision has seen opposition from the city’s taxi and autorickshaw unions who state that it would not make any difference since electronic meters are not tamper-proof anyway. Bureau report NMTV


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