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Call for Prayer becomes the subject of controversy between the Members of Parliament in Egypt

During an argument between the members of Parliament, in Egypt, when one of the members an Islamic law maker insisted of taking a break from the debate to make a call for his prayers, the permission became the subject of controversy between the members as he had been refused to do anything like this in between of the debate, as it would disturb the progress of the verdict.

Even after ignoring the warning from Speaker of Legislature Saad Al Katani, MP Mamdouh Esmail still insisted on performing his Asr prayers. The subject of argument soon shifted course, after he had been rudely approached that if prayers are so much important then Mamdouh should leave the Parliament and attend the mosque nearby.

On refusal of permission of reading his prayers in the Parliament, MP Mamdouh left the assembly in protest, which led to controversies among the members. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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