artist-5Calligraphy, the art of fine handwriting is one of the ancient forms of creative expressions in India. In Navi Mumbai a name synonymous to this form of art is Achyut Palav. Jan Cabral met this master in calligraphy who runs a school in the city to celebrate this form of art. If you have a beautiful hand and you’re often complimented for a good style of handwriting, then here’s your chance to nurture it more. Join city’s eminent calligraphist Achyut Palav “School of Calligraphy” where you are taught on how to build on this art. Students at this school take lessons under master himself. The instruments used for teaching this form of art range from steel pens to brushes, bow pens and wooden spatulas. But there’s something that you’d need more than just the instruments – it’s a lot of patience and practice so that you too can to master this art. Students shared with our Correspondent how they find this art fascinating. One can learn calligraphy in various languages, which include Roman Scripts that for English, Devnagiri for Hindi and Marathi) and Urdu. Besides these, there are special courses on manuscripts, which are the creative motivation for calligraphy. Achyut Palav’s students have done calligraphic projects on different topics one being Indian Culture. Speaking to us he said calligraphy is an art of writing. For Palav, the journey began when he learnt that he has a talent in writing during school days. He adds that today calligraphy can even be put to commercial use. Palav says that anyone who has an interest in learning this form of art is welcome, he’ll do the rest to mould the talent. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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