school-bags-1Cartoon characters on schools bags and bottles have become the in thing now with all the children demanding from their parents to give them their favorite cartoon characters. Be it Ben10, Spiderman or Barbie doll, it’s definitely what the children want. Remember the good old days when schools bags were just to keep your books, bottles for water and pencil boxes for your pencils. However, the situation today is quite different with it becoming a matter for pride for children. And treating their children’s demand as sacred commandments, parents are going the whole hog to appease them with trendiest school paraphernalia. For children, it is a preparation for the big show-off at school. And while they might not know how to pronounce the names, they are quite sure on what they want. Markets in Navi Mumbai are doing brisk business, thanks to the popular cartoon characters who children want to flaunt on their kits. Super heroes conjour the magic for boys while girls are besotted by fashion doll Barbie. Bags and accessories today come with a lot of innovations and are very stylish. There are a lot of compartments, add-ons, colors. All these attract children but they are secondary to cartoon characters. And it is the children who have the final word. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.


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