bestThe city’s 45 lakh BEST commuters can soon stop worrying about loose change and haggling with the conductor. BEST has also re-launched the Go Mumbai card, which will allow commuters to travel on BEST as well as the suburban network of the Central Railway. In six months, around 4,000 BEST buses will be fitted with a card reading device on the entry and exit doors, which will be connected to a Global Positioning System. The cost of installing the device on a single bus is Rs 1 lakh. Commuters just have to flash the card in front of the device while boarding and alighting. The device will calculate the distance and charge the exact fare. Now, the conductor has to manually scan the card using his pocket-sized device. On the other hand, BEST has also launched its Bluetooth-enabled services on its buses. To access the service, a commuter will have to download a software product, Mobileji, on his mobile phone when he enters the bus by activating the Bluetooth on his mobile. Once downloaded, there is special section for BEST providing information about bus route numbers, AC bus service, fare system, etc. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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